12:30pm (EST)

Healing Toxicity of the Womb, the World and our Mother Wound

With Elisabeth Manning


1:00pm (EST)

Mitochondrial Function & Oxidative Stress on Egg Quality

With Dr. Kalea Wattles



1:30pm (EST)

Top 3 Toxins Impacting Fertility Today

With Dr. Marc Sklar


2:00pm (EST)

Clean Living in a Chaotic World

With Michelle Oravitz


2:30pm (EST)

Clean It Up for Healthy Egg & Sperm!

With Dr. Kara & Dr. Hillary


3:15pm (EST)

Impact of Mold & Mycotoxins on Fertility

With Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt


4:00pm (EST)

Love & Logic

With Betty Matz Gelsky


4:30pm (EST)

Flow With Your Period to Ride these Turbulent Tides

With Jenna Longoria


5:00pm (EST)

Toxic Blocks in Your Energetic Field

With Jo-Anne Brown


5:30pm (EST)

Delete Dead Debris & Awaken New Life

With Rainbeau Mars




10:30am (EST)

The (Invisible) Dirt on 5G, Electric Pollution & Aerial Sprays

With Erin Elizabeth


11:30am (EST)

Detoxifying the Gut

With Michael Huey


12:00pm (EST)

Hormone Havoc – What’s causing it and what can you do about it?

With Dr. Phillip Carson


12:30pm (EST)

The Spike Protein’s Effects

on Ovaries & Testes

With Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD


1:00pm (EST)

Detecting the Toxins Around Us

With Jenna Hua


1:30pm (EST)

Biological Warfare & Essential Oils to Protect, Cleanse & Purify

With Lemia & Joshua


2:00pm (EST)

Cellular Detoxification and Energy Frequencies

With Robert Figueredo


2:30pm (EST)

Accessing Higher Planes of Consciousness

With Jodi Handrahan