Jo-Anne Brown

Toxic Blocks in Your Energetic Field

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About Jo-Anne Brown

For more than 13 years, Jo-Anne has worked as a natural therapist in Queensland, Australia, using frequency-based therapies in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. She is also certified in bioresonance therapy. Jo-Anne also works with intuitive clients to reduce the hold of toxins and pathogens (micro-organisms) within their energetic systems and their connections to disharmonious belief systems and emotions. In her work, she also draws from her environmental engineering background and experience with micro-organisms and toxins (heavy metals and chemicals) and their interactions.

Jo-Anne sees the scientific and intuitive worlds as being on the same continuum rather than being polar opposites and views her work as a bridge that contributes to spanning the perceived divide between these worlds. Jo-Anne has helped hundreds of people in Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe through both in-house and distance therapy sessions (available through She also shares her expertise with intuitives, empaths and highly sensitive people in short courses and webinars.