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Bonus Gift: Charting your Cervical Mucus to find your peak ovulation day


  Lifetime Access to Fertility & Toxicity Revealed 2021 Interview Series. 

  An intense, emotionally detoxifying breathwork class by Annette Figueredo

    Q&A Expert Interview on Charting your Cervical Mucus to find your peak ovulation day, shared only with All Access VIP members

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Featuring 20 Experts


In this breakthrough summit, experts will reveal the top toxins that are affecting our future ability to conceive and carry healthy babies. Top fertility and health experts discuss what their greatest concerns are in today’s current world. Everything from toxicity in our foods to environmental factors are discussed, including the harmful impact of this pandemic and potential effects the vaccine and Covid might be having on society and our entire future’s ability to procreate.



(Total Package Value of $1,141) 

This is a rare opportunity to hear high level open discussion in a truly safe and supportive environment.

This extraordinary and unique lineup of experts reveal what’s really going on in our world as it relates to toxicity and fertility.

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Sending our Love to the Future Generations of Babies, Mothers, and New Parents being Born.